Sinn 358 DIAPAL Stainless Steel Bezel Limited Edition Replica Watches

If there were any watch out there that embodies the unfussy tool watch, the Sinn 358 DIAPAL high quality replica watches must be near the top of the list – even though the same could be said of a great number of watches from the quintessentially German brand. DIAPAL, by the way, is Sinn’s oil-free escapement system that helps a watch work better for a longer time and is denoted by a gray dial on every Sinn watch that utilizes the system. You can read more about DIAPAL technology. Back when the Sinn 358 DIAPAL watch came out a few years ago, Ariel expressed enthusiasm about timepieces like this that are “all tool and do not look like they are made to be worn by tools.” That basically says it all. The Sinn 358 DIAPAL is a German pilot’s watch that isn’t flashy but is handsome and gets the job done.


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The Sinn 358 DIAPAL replica watches have a stainless steel case, sapphire crystal on front and back, special dehumidifying technology, 100m of water resistance, a chronograph complication, a second time zone complication, and a date window. Sorry for rattling all that off, but a list of salient features and characteristics seems in line with the to-the-point vibe. I have to say that the skeletonized GMT hand is less legible at times, and it would have been helpful to have a more defined hand. All in all, this watch is legible but definitely doesn’t “pop” in any way, and that’s exactly what I’d assume its buyers want.
As previously noted, DIAPAL is the name that Sinn has given to its technologies and processes that allow for a lubricant-free anchor escapement. According to Sinn, “the anchor escapement is the most sensitive component of the movement with regard to accuracy,” meaning that the removal of lubricant which can age and affect the anchor escapement has a large impact on the movement’s accuracy. Special materials are chosen that can work together without lubrication and don’t cause friction, and the DIAPAL name comes from the DIAmond PALlets that were used in place of the ruby traditionally used in the escapement.


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This DIAPAL technology, combined with cheap fake Sinn’s Ar-Dehumidifying technology, in which the movement is encased in a dry environment filled with protective gas in order to delay the aging of oil used in the watch, adds much to the accuracy of the Sinn 358 DIAPAL. The movement being protected is a 25-jewel Valjoux 7750 with the addition of the second time zone hand, as well as anti-magnetic and shock-resistant technology.

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