Replica Stranger Ocean Predator Diver Series Luminous Watches For Sale

As the winner of February cheap fake watches giveaway, I was excited to be able to choose and receive a Stranger Ocean Predator Diver watch and test the quality and practicality of the newer independent watch company. I’ve always been intrigued and curious about some of the more unique and distinctive watches being designed by companies with significantly less history than the big names that adorn most watch nerd’s wrists. My new Stranger Ocean Predator was subjected to some rough testing over the last few weeks and has surprised me in what kind of value is offered by the Stranger brand, even if it doesn’t carry the brand recognition we often pay a premium for.

Black dial Stranger watches fake.

When I purchase watches, like many, I want the most value for my money and I limit myself to well-known brands and well-reviewed watches. I will often research an individual watch for many weeks, reading everything ever written on the timepiece before making my choice. When I was asked to choose which Ocean Predator model I would like to receive, I became a little dismayed at the lack of reviews available for me to read before choosing. I can appreciate the uphill battle small watch startups face getting their name out into the market, even when they make a great product.

The five Stranger waterproof fake watches in the collection are mechanically the same and only cosmetic differences separate them. I played it safe and chose the Bull Shark Ocean Predator – black face, silver steel case, and black kevlar band with orange contrast stitching. It’s classic and sporty with just a pop of flash in the band stitching and that hammered dial really adds a ton of character to this line. It’s also available as the Megalodon – silver case, white face; Barracuda – rose gold case, black face; Orca – black case, black face; and Leopard Seal – rose gold case, white face. They all have their own appeal and offer a flavor for every personality.

Steel case replica Stranger watches.

My idea of quality dive replica watches are practical and durable tool watch meant for real activity, even if most people will only ever desk dive with the resident diver in their collection. I will admit that I will never reach the 200 meter limit on my Stranger. It will be lucky to see 2 meters, but I get a sense of confidence knowing it can theoretically reach such lofty depths. I actually prefer to increase my altitude rather than my depth, so with the new Stranger on my wrist, I took off to climb a few quick day hike mountains in New York’s Adirondack range and put it to a real world test. I started the Saranac Six (six mountains surrounding the town of Saranac Lake, NY that are climbed in succession) last Fall and headed north to finish the last two in a weekend.

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