Popular Green Dials Fake Watches For Hot Recommendation

The requirements on the appearance of the perfect replica watches become higher and higher. Although those concise models are always classical, they couldn’t meet the trend in watchmaking industry nowadays. Today I will introduce two special watches with green dials to you.

Glashütte Original

The green Glashütte Original watches look very retro and classical.

Tasteful Glashütte Original Replica Watches

The steel case imitation Glashütte Original gave the watch lovers all over the world a surprise with the dazzling appearance. The retro green dial has reproduced the historical embossing process 40 years ago. It presents the gradient visual effect.

Piaget Polo

The Piaget watches are sporty and dynamic, which are suitable for men who are interested in sporty style.

42 MM Piaget Polo Knockoff Watches

While the taste of this Piaget copy watch with green leather strap is completely different from the Glashütte Original. Glashütte Original looks vintage and classical while this Piaget looks dynamic and sporty. So it is a good choice for any occasions.

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