Panerai Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days Series Cheap Replica Watches For Sale

The first part of the name stems from “Panerai Laboratorio di Idee replica watches,” Panerai’s research lab, which literally translates into “laboratory of ideas.” Clearly Panerai is focusing serious effort on developing advanced materials and technology for use in watchmaking.

I’ll start off by mentioning that the main talking point for the Lab-ID is that it comes with a 50-year guarantee for the movement. Now this guarantee is not unconditional or even related to the entire watch; simply that the movement should need no maintenance or lubrication for at least 50 years thanks to a variety of carbon-based low-friction solutions.

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Throughout the movement, carbon has been used in a variety of forms to reduce the coefficient of friction between moving parts to near zero.
But how exactly?

The first step in reducing friction is addressing the jewels, right? Well, yes and no.

The beginnings of an oil- and lubrication-free movement began with the plates and bridges of the movement structure, which are made from a composite ceramic that uses tantalum as its base.
Tantalum is most widely used for capacitors in the electronics industry, but also as a hard transition metal that is highly corrosion resistant. Tantalum, though extremely difficult to machine, makes for a tantalizing (sorry, I had to) base for a composite material when used as a case material in watchmaking.

For the Panerai Lab-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech 3 Days fake watches, a high percentage of carbon was added to the ceramic composite, which turned it into a carbide, making for an extremely low-friction material. Since this substance makes up the movement’s plates and bridges, the pivot jewels can be eliminated and the holes resized to accept wheel pivots. This is something we’ve already seen a version of in Ulysse Nardin’s InnoVision I.

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Every jewel in the gear train was eliminated and only four remain on the Incabloc shock system. These remaining four jewels were coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) to further reduce friction as compared to the standard jewel bearing and introduce another “dry lubricant” into the mix.

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