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In 2002, when Jaquet Droz replica watches, the Maison as we know it today, transposed an 18th century pocket watch created by the famed master watchmaker, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, to create the Grande Seconde wristwatch, little did we know then that within the span of a mere 15 years, an entire collection of timepieces would spring forth, showcasing an elaborate expanse of creativity.

How Jaquet Droz has so intelligently managed this is feat, is by respecting the fundamental codes that give the Grande Seconde its identity. Rather than considering these to be a confining factor, they have embraced these elements as guiding principles, which therefore allowed the Maison to imbue ever more adventurous complications into the watch and still leave no doubt in a person’s mind that this is a Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde timepiece.

Of course, the Grande Seconde’s most obvious identifier is its “figure eight” dial configuration Jaquet Droz fake watches that holds a smaller, upper sub-dial and a larger, lower sub-dial. Essentially meaning that as long as the indications enabled by a movement, meant for the watch, are kept within the figure eight — quite literally — anything goes. This, also, means that the rest of the dial real estate is up for grabs for elaborate decorations. It is by keeping to these principles that Jaquet Droz’s managed to stretch and knead the Grande Seconde into a collection of coherent timepieces.
Perhaps a demonstration of how far — or even the furthest — they’ve managed to take these principles, to date, is the Grande Seconde that was introduced earlier this year at Basel that is cased in the white or black ceramic case.

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Quite fascinating that while cased in ceramic, these are obviously no longer the classically elegant timepieces we perceive the Grande Seconde to be. Rather, here it’s transformed into something resolutely for the modern taste buds, while yet remaining very much identifiable as a Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde watch.

Closer inspection also reveals that the dial on the watch is guillochéd with the Clous de Paris pattern, while the figure eight is rendered in ceramic, making for quite the old-world meets new-world paradox.

If, however, you’re one for the modernity but prefer something still quite classic looking, then the Grande Seconde Quantième Satin-Brushed might suit your inclinations better. The sunray patterned dials on these give the Grande Seconde a sleek, sober 21st century outlook. Particularly, the date indication on the lower sub-dial of the Quantième adds a level of practicality that’s sure to be appreciated.

Be it the execution with the gray dial or the anthracite dial, both are befitting of any modern stylish individual. Jaquet Droz has even presented the watch in two different case sizes — 39mm and 43mm — so that you are able to pick between today’s size preferences and that of years past.

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But, of course, the best of the Grande Seconde’s identifying codes are most eloquently expressed by its definitively classic executions. Whether it is the simple time-only enamel dial version, the very intriguing Grande Seconde Deadbeat or 2017’s Grande Seconde Moon.

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