I Love This 1:1 Best Fake Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue Online

What I love about this watch is that it is a much more under-the-radar Rolex Submariner replica watches with Swiss movements. My 114060 definitely gets wear time, and I have taken it with me into lakes and oceans but, being a less expensive watch with factory-fresh gaskets, my AAA copy BB58 blue has become my frontline mechanical watch. It provides the same, or at least near adjacent wrist experience, without the same fear of taking off resale value with each wear. I also love how the blue colour scheme goes with literally anything. Sure black is a versatile colour as well, but blue/grey have the benefit of being able to pair well with both black or brown accessories.

39MM Fake Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue

The perfect replica Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue is really everything I could ask for in a daily wearer. The 39mm case diameter, and 47mm lug-to-lug measurement, really suits my wrist. The clasp, secured by ceramic ball bearings, is very robust and does not lose its strength with each open and close. The lack of a date complication, and 72 hours of power reserve, ensures that so long as I wear it every few days I rarely need to adjust or wind the watch (I find it typically gains a maximum of four seconds per day). With a silicon escapement, I also never have to worry about magnetising my watch – which, with my wrist hovering over a keyboard and speaker magnets, is not a small possibility. Considering its screw-down crown and 200 metres of water resistance I also have little concern for the vulnerability to moisture damage.

The dial is very clean, and it is nice to see the tone of the blue change depending on the lighting of your surroundings. It can go from a sort of baby blue to a deep and dark navy blue. The snowflake hands are absolutely stunning, and incredibly legible – making it a breeze to quickly glance at the time. The luminescent coatings on the hands, markers and bezel pip shine super bright in darker settings. The aluminium bezel may be more fragile than modern ceramic ones, but there is an old-school allure to the more matte texture it provides, and mine has yet to scratch – even with the occasional encounter with a doorknob.

Steel Fake Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue

Aside from the blue dial, another great differentiator from my Rolex Submariner ref. 114060 is the vintage-inspired case design of the BB58. The lugs are far more tapered than the block-like lugs on my Submariner, and feature a super crisp mechanically finished bevel that blends well into the caseband. The satin brush finish to the majority of its surfaces is a rich graining highly visible to the naked eye and is far less revealing of hairline scratches than more polished components.

When people ask me what I think of the watch, or whether they should buy it, I always explain that Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight watches essentially have vintage builds with a modern heft, solidity and security. For those who like more classic case profiles, but don’t want the fear of ruining a more fragile vintage timepiece, Black Bay Fifty-Eight fake watches for men from Tudor are really a great middle ground to get the best of both worlds.

Fake Tudor Black Bay 58 Navy Blue For Men

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