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My travels offered me the ability to be in New York City on the evening that Paris-based Louis Vuitton limited edition replica wtaches decided to concurrently launch their first smartwatch device at a select number of brand stores around the world. As people ogled and grinned while testing out the various launch models of the Tambour Horizon connected timepiece, I didn’t actually hear anyone ask anything about how it worked or what was inside of it. Based on the recently released Tambour Moon case, this new luxury smartwatch not only fits the aesthetic mold the popular high-end brand has become known for, but also happens to finally cement acceptance by the luxury industry of smartwatches.

The fact that no one seemed to inquire about the functional innards of the new face of luxury smartwatches was little surprising to me. While tech enthusiast pundits still ponder the larger utilitarian necessity of smartwatches, the lifestyle and luxury world is far beyond such existential queries and focus on helping their devotees stay connected in style.

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Louis Vuitton replica smartwatches make as much sense as a Porsche SUV. It will make money even if it technically bothers the sensibilities of purists. I continue to celebrate the smartwatch as (among other things) a gateway to high-end traditional watches. My theory being that a larger social focus on smartwatches as increasingly popular items will inherently make people more curious and aware of the higher-end items which exist to be worn on the wrist. The example I like to use is that so many people are aware of luxury cars because those same people notice them on the road in contrast to non-luxury cars.

I posit that a robust market and wide consumer adoption of smartwatches is good for traditional mechanical watches – something that Louis Vuitton has been rather adept at producing for at least two decades now. I myself am the proud owner of a previous generation Louis Vuitton Tambour Diver, a favorite in my collection. In fact, Louis Vuitton stores will showcase the Tambour Horizon smartwatches right alongside their traditional quartz and mechanical watches – some of which easily exceed $50,000 or even $100,000 price points. The brand even produces (in petite quantities) extremely exotic timepieces with prices in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just recently, they released the Louis Vuitton Tambour Moon Flying Tourbillon watch that actually shares a case design with their new smartwatch product.

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